Business Services Division

The Business Services Division of the Alum Rock School District is dedicated to supporting the educational program. Our goal is to provide user friendly, cost effective business services to all District stakeholders. We serve the district through Fiscal Services, Maintenance, Operations & Transportation, Child Nutrition Services and Information Technology. The expected results of our combined efforts are:

Maintain a balanced budget
Plan and implement quality facilities services
Encourage healthy life styles for all students
Encourage and develop more effective use of technology to improve efficiency

Some of our more visible areas of support are payroll, accounts payable, use of facilities forms, custodial and maintenance services, transportation, student breakfast and lunch services, computer systems and telecommunications services.

The Assistant Superintendent of Business Services is the Chief Business Officer (CBO) for the District. The CBO makes sure the District's $100 million budget is spent properly in support of the District's instructional goals.

Contact us

Kolvira Chheng
Assistant Superintendent of Business Services
(408) 928-6847
Dan Flores
Director, Maintenance, Operations, & Transportation
(408) 928-6861
Efrain Robles
Director, Fiscal Services
(408) 928-6839
Avtar Gill
Director, Technology
(408) 928-6910
Mary H. Fell
Director, Child Nutrition Services
(408) 928-6902
Louie Moran
Director, Facilities, Bonds, and Leases
(408) 928-6985 
Patricia Tovar
Executive Assistant
(408) 928-6846
Ed Villarreal
Operations Manager
(408) 928-6872
Maria J. Martinez
Procurement Manager
(408) 928-6837
Manager, Payroll
(408) 928-6813
Michelle Barron
Transportation Supervisor
(408) 928-6976
Carlos Hernandez
Warehouse Supervisor
(408) 928-6972
Thanh Phu
Maintenance Lead
(408) 591-3360 
Edgar Gudiel
Day Lead Custodian/Project Support
(408) 426-0210
Gloria Fernandez
Administrative Assistant (Maintenance, Operations)
(408) 928-6859    
Buddy Pardon
Lead Mechanic
(408) 674-7546