Office of the Superintendent
Phone 408 928-6805   Fax 408 928-6416

Dr. Hilaria Bauer
, Superintendent

Marie Sanchez, Senior Executive Assistant

Angel Rodriguez, Executive Assistant/Communication Support


Division of Business services

Phone 408 928-6850   Fax 408 928-6400

Dr. June Francis Roño
, Assistant Superintendent

Patricia Tovar, Executive Assistant

Fiscal Services


Kolvira Chheng, Director, Fiscal Services

Efrain Robles, Administrator, Fiscal Services

Marie Noriega, Senior Accountant

Sharon Fontaine, Accountant

Regina Cardenas, Accountant

Jazzy Nguyen, Accountant

Maria Newton, Accountant

Cynthia Sanchez, Sr. Acct. Asst. (A/P, Vendors M-Z)

Maria Bonilla, Sr. Acct. Asst. (A\R, ASB) (A/P, Vendors A-L)

Corina Cereceres, Office Assistant III



Phone 408 928-6816   Fax 408 928-6452

Nel Peñaflor
, Payroll Manager

Bob Carpio, Payroll Technician (M-Z Names)

Kaylyn Dang, Payroll Technician (A-L Names)


Child Nutrition Services

Phone 928-6903   Fax 408 928-6413

Mary H. Fell
, Director,
Child Nutrition Services

Romelia Galaviz, Administrative Assistant

Denisse Mendez, Coordinator

Albaelena Diaz Diaz, Operations Supervisor

Gloria Fernandez, Data Technician

Aurora Amutan, Accountant


Phone 408 928-6845   Fax 408 928-6440

Maria J. Martinez, Procurement Manager

Franzia Boznos, Senior Accounting Assistant


Print Shop

Phone 408 928-6927

Maria L. Avila
, Printing Technician II

Ofelia Marin, Printing Technician I

Information Technology Support Services
Phone 408 928-6917   Fax 408 928-6415

Avtar Gill, Director
Daniel Peña, Network & Systems Supervisor

Jose Chavez, Network & Systems Supervisor

Ranulfo Nevarez, Network & Systems Supervisor

Jordyn Durham, Help Desk Support

Douglas Durham, Database Administrator

TBD, Lead Tech Support

Paolo Tinio, Tech Support Specialist

Rogelio Moreno, Tech Support Specialist

Rob Willett, Tech Support Specialist                                                                                     

TBD, Tech Support Specialist

TBD, Tech Support Specialist

Apollo Morgia, Telecommunication Technician


Facilities, Bonds & Leases

Louie Moran
, Director

Maintenance, Operations & Transportation Department
Phone 408 928-6870   Fax 408 928-6411


Daniel Flores, Director

Connie Truong, Administrative Assistant

Thanh (Tom) Phu, Building Maintenance Lead

Phone 408 928-6975   Fax 408 928-6410


Michelle Barron, Supervisor Scheduler

Dolores Quintero, Dispatcher/Trainer

TBD, Driver/Trainer

Buddy Parden, Lead Mechanic


Ed Villarreal Jr., Operations Manager

Edgar Gudiel, Lead Custodian/Project Support


Phone 408 928-6972   Fax 408 928-6412


Carlos Hernandez, Warehouse Supervisor

Jorge Herrera, Warehouse Worker I

Jesus Delgado, Warehouse Worker I

Ernesto Vega, Warehouse Worker I

Buddy Parden, Warehouse Worker I

John Sandate, Warehouse Worker I

Phone 408 928-6835   Fax 408 928-6401
Substitute Services 408 928-6803

Dr. Marco Baeza, Assistant Superintendent

TBD, Director

Irma Barahona, Coordinator

April Ramirez, Executive Assistant

Kristine McNatt, Executive Assistant

Lizet Villalobos, Certification Specialist (Classified)

Sonia Vidrio, Certification Specialist

Juana Tovar, Substitute Assignment Assistant

Rosalie Mikaio, Substitute Assignment Assistant
Justine Rios, Human Resources Assistant

Bianca Lara, District Operator/Receptionist


Health and Welfare


Melody Todd, Benefits  & Insurance Technician


Risk Management


Jacalyn Stromquist, Executive Assistant



Academic Services

Phone 408 928-6862   Fax 408 928-6460

Rene Sanchez
, Assistant Superintendent

TBD, Director II, Curriculum & Instruction

Candace McIsaac, Coordinator, Academic Services

Ivan Montes, E.L. Coordinator, Academic Services

Noli Magsino, Coordinator, VAPA, P.E. and Sports Program

Jason Sorich, Principal on Special Assignment/Ed Tech
Dr. Dianna Ballesteros, Director, Early Learning

TBD, Common Core Resource Teacher

Judith Schierling, Instructional Coach

TBD, Instructional Coach

Adriana Bellini, Instructional Coach

Alexia Lopez-Ford, Instructional Coach

Tracy Loftin, Executive Assistant, Non-Confidential

Angela Costa, Administrative Assistant

Serena Dang, Administrative Assistant

Patricia Oliva, Assessment Technician
State & Federal Programs
Phone 408 928-6555   Fax 408 928-6404

Carlos Moran, Director II, State & Federal Programs

Sandra Garcia, Coordinator, State & Federal Programs                                                

Teresa Lopez, Administrative Assistant

Elisa Ugapo, Administrative Assistant

TBD, Administrative Assistant

Carmelina Bautista, Translator Technician

Carlos Tripodi, Translator Technician

Maria Espinoza-Aguirre, Office Assistant II

Special Services
Phone 408 928-6950   Fax 408 928-6409


Jean Gallagher, Chief Special Services Officer

LeAnne Depew, Administrative Assistant

Special Education


Aurora Hall, Coordinator, Special Education

Martha Pardo, Office Assistant III

Phillip Perez, Office Assistant III

Joyce Aguilar, Office Assistant III

Anthony Colonna, Program Specialist

Allison Anderson, Program Specialist

Donna McCallum, Behavior Specialist

Judy Qin, Special Ed Nurse


Adelante, Chavez, Dorsa                                             Luis Torres

Aptitud, Cassell, McCollam                                          Tram Nguyen

Arbuckle/Adelante II, Painter, Sheppard                      Christina Yee

Cureton, George, Renaissance @ Fischer                  Mindy Gerber

Fischer                                                                                TBD                                           

Hubbard, Lyndale, Meyer                                                   TBD

Linda Vista, Russo/McEntee,                                    Neena Cavazos

LUCHA, Ocala, San Antonio                                      Lindsay Bogue                                   

Mathson, Renaissance @ Mathson                                    TBD

Ryan                                                                           Nicole Wesson

PAC (Bilingual/English)                                                       TBD

Private Schools                                                           Lindsay Bogue

                                                                                   Neena Cavazos

Student Services
Phone 408 928-6945   Fax 408 928-6423


Norma Flores, Director II, Student Services

Jesus Araujo, Coordinator, Student Services

Debbie Elliott, Coordinator, Student Information Systems

Erika J. Marcos, Administrative Assistant                                                                             

Michelle Roth, District Nurse

Nancy Moua, District Nurse

TBD, Child Welfare & Attendance Liaison

Magdalena Grimaldo, Office Assistant III

Santiago Gaitan, PEI and SLS

Carmina Orozco, Specialized Health Assistant