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Principal’s Message

Dear Parents:

            Thanksto all the families who were able to attend last week’s Language Arts Night-Iknow it was an extremely cold night. Remember that the school staff putstogether these night activities to help parents learn more about what theirchild is learning in school and how to support the learning at home.  And remember, attending these familyactivities helps each parent fulfill their 30-hour volunteer time requirement.

            Ona separate note, I want to remind all parents that there is never a time whereyou are allowed to double park your car in front of the school. It is illegaland very unsafe. During the Think Together dismissal, I have observed manyparents double parking and leaving small children in their cars. During thistime, there are plenty of parking stalls in the parking lot for all parents tobe able to park their cars. I will be asking the San Jose Police Department tobegin to come by and patrol the school during this time as well. If the police stopsyou, they will be issuing tickets, not warnings. Please remember that in anemergency, an ambulance, paramedic, fire engine and/or police car must be ableto enter the school parking lot. Preventing emergency vehicle access  is a crime.

Mensajedel director

Estimados padres de familia :

   Les quiero recordar atodos los padres que nunca hay un momento en que se le permite doble estacionarel coche en frente de la escuela - que es ilegal y muy peligroso. Durante eldespido del programa de Think Together he observar muchos padres estacionamientoen doble fila y dejar a los niños pequeños en sus coches. Durante este tiempohay un montón de puestos de estacionamiento en el aparcamiento para todos lospadres  donde pueden estacionar suscoches. Le pediré al Departamento de Policía de San José  que empiece a patrullar la escuela durante este tiempo también. Si la policía losdetiene, se emitirán una boleto de infracción y no una advertencia . Por favorrecuerde que en caso de emergencia , una ambulancia, paramédico, camión debomberos y / o un coche de la policía debe ser capaz de entrar en elestacionamiento de la escuela. La prevención de que esto suceda es un delito.Además, recuerde de conducir lentamente en la zona de estacionamiento, porquequeremos que todos los estudiantes estén seguro.