New Teacher Support

 Interns Support Program

Alum Rock Union Elementary School District offers comprehensive support for new teachers. Our interns program allows teachers to work in partnership with neighboring universities and assists candidates in completing their intern credential within a two-year period. Candidates receive:

  • Classroom and instructional assistance from a highly trained Mentor Teacher
  • Full participation professional development
  • Full compensation and benefits
  • An internship credential to teach in a multi-subject, Special Education,or single subject classroom


Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment Program (BTSA)

ARUSD'S induction program works in partnership with the Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz New Teacher Project (SC/SVNTP) to facilitate preliminary credential holders in clearing their credential.

BTSA Participation Criteria

  • A person must hold, at minimum, a preliminary credential (multiple subject, single subject, education specialist or designated subjects) to be eligible for the BTSA induction program
  • The Teacher must be in a teaching assignment authorized by the preliminary credential

BTSA Enrollment Forms

  • First, complete the eligiblilty form and return to Candace McIsaac, Academic Services Department. You can download the form here -
  • Second, a Mentor Teacher will be assigned to you and will provide you with a Letter of Commitment Form. Please sign this and return it to your Mentor Teacher

BTSA Expectations

Participating teachers are assigned a mentor to receive classroom support and to guide them through the process of clearing their credential. Mentors meet with their BTSA teachers on a weekly basis to work on their portfolios that are based on the SVNTP Formative Assessment System (FAS) tools and to discuss classroom management, curriculum, data, and questions or concerns. In addition, mentors will regulary observe classroom teaching. This is not an evaluative process but a coaching practice designed to strengthen teaching practices.

Twice a year you are expected to turn in a portfolio of your teaching practice that is based on the FAS tools to the SVNTP. These portfolios are reviewed and scored. Your portfolios must pass in order to meet the BTSA requirements.

CSTP Continuum:

California Standards for the Teaching Profession Continuum Of Teaching Practice

BTSA Contact:

Coordinator of Academic Service 408-928-8026.