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Your Tax Dollars at Work 

Protecting Taxpayers Dollars and Keeping our Promise to the Alum Rock Community

The Alum Rock community has historically supported the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District facility needs through passage of Facility Bonds.  This support has been shown through passage of Measure G in June 2008, Measure J in November 2012 ,and Measure I in June 2016 providing necessary funding for implementation of bonds projects as promised to taxpayers of our community.

Each of these bond measures were passed under Proposition 39, which only requires a 55% taxpayer approval. However, both Measure G & Measure J were passed with an approval rate exceeding 79% by the Alum Rock community taxpayers,  further indicating the high level of support our community provides the students and staff of Alum Rock Union Elementary School District.

The following language included in each of the adopted Board resolutions identifies the primary purposes of Measure G, Measure J, and Measure I:

To improve neighborhood schools, fix leaky, deteriorated roofs, improve fire safety, repair and upgrade classrooms, improve student safety and security, renovate outdated restrooms, upgrade heating/ventilation/electrical systems for energy efficiency, and computer technology, shall Alum Rock Union Elementary School District issue ($179 million for Measure G and $125 million for Measure J) million of bonds at legal rates to renovate, acquire, construct, repair and equip schools, sites and facilities with required independent financial audits, citizen’s oversight and no money for administrators’ salaries

A complete copy of Board Resolutions and detailed Ballot language for Measure GMeasure J, and Measure I can be viewed by clicking on the desired measure.

CUPCCAA - Become a Contractor

ARUSD is contracted with QualityBidders to provide a free web-based process for prequalification. To get started: Click Here to Sign Up. For detailed instructions in completing your application, please navigate to the bottom of the page from this link: Contractor Instructions.

Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee: Transparency and Accountability


In our continuing effort to ensure transparency in the process and comply with our legal obligations the Independent Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee (CBOC) was formed. This committee is charged with oversight of bond projects and taxpayer dollars, ensuring an appropriate level of transparency and accountability in managing those dedicated taxpayer dollars.

The Independent Citizen’s Bond Oversight Committee consists of seven volunteers from the Alum Rock Union School District community that represent specific interests of the community, including: one (1) member  active in the business community, one (1) member active in a senior citizen’s organization, one (1) member active in a bona-fide taxpayers association and two (2) members of the community-at-large, and  (1) a parent of an ARUSD student, and (1) a parent of an ARUSD student who is also a member of a parent organization. The CBOC does not currently have a limit on the number of members beyond those required by law, and accepts applications for membership at all times. These members meet on a monthly basis to review the status of bond projects including financial information ensuring projects are aligned with voter-approved projects, and no bonds funds are spent otherwise. This effort is reflected in the Annual Report to the Alum Rock community.

A complete copy of the Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee's Bylaws can be found here.

The committee's annual reports can be found below:


The Alum Rock Union Elementary School District would like to express our gratitude to the community of Alum Rock for their continued support and to the volunteers of the Independent Citizen's Bond Oversight Committee for their continued dedication in ensuring taxpayer dollars are spent in the manner they were intended.

Meeting Agendas 


A full list of upcoming meeting dates and agendas can be found here.




 Bond Presentations


Measure J Reports