Alum Rock Union School District

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CA State Auditor's Report

Excerpt from Report:

"The Alum Rock Union Elementary School District (district) in the city of San José has been the subject of scrutiny since 2016 for its governance, financial operations, and contracting practices. Our audit identified concerns in all of these areas. We found that the board of trustees (board) and district staff have violated state law and district policy in their operational and financial practices. The board and district committed these violations despite the fact that two other monitoring entities have issued recommendations to improve the district’s policies and practices in areas where we also found problems, and the Santa Clara County Office of Education has increased its oversight of the district. In particular, we noted weaknesses related to the district’s construction project oversight, financial interest disclosures, and public transparency."

To continue reading, the full report is available for viewing at the California State Auditor's website or by clicking on the desired link below: