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Management / AREA Benefits

Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits:

Medical benefits are mandatory for all full time employees. Dental benefits are optional if there is another coverage in place and Vision benefits are optional.

All employees must sign up for the medical insurance within 30 days of being hired. All employees may enroll eligible dependents in the health and welfare benefits. Please see the list of eligible dependents and documentation that is required.

Dependent Eligibility Documentation Chart

Changes to the health and welfare benefits can only be done during the open enrollment period, unless an employees experiences a life changing event, in which changes can be made within 30 days of that life changing event. Life changing events include: marriage, divorce, birth, adoption, etc.

All part time employees 50% or more are eligible for benefits. Please contact the Benefits office for rates.

Open Enrollment is scheduled every year in May with an effective date of October 1st.


Employee Assistance Program