Alum Rock Union School District

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Staff Development

Alum Rock Union Elementary School District offers a supportive and community-oriented environment to new teachers, veteran teachers, and other school professionals.

The Alum Rock Union Elementary School District believes that teachers can build their own skills through Professional Staff Development programs. Staff Development is focused on improving student achievement through instruction compatible with current research, performance objectives, and state and district content standards.

Professional Staff Development at Alum Rock:

  • Is a core program in our workplace
  • Is accessible to teachers of all grade levels and professional experience
  • Recognizes that educators learn in a variety of ways
  • Encourages teachers to develop collaborative relationships and a safe learning environment that promotes and sustains continuous improvement
  • Promotes long term, in-depth, learning activities that include a variety of strategies to help teachers apply what they have learned
  • Encourages teachers to participate in the planning of their own professional learning
  • Provides opportunities for giving and receiving feedback through portfolios, analysis of student work, peer support, self-critique, peer coaching and other activities
  • Provides opportunities for school and district staff to adapt strategies to diverse classroom needs
  • Offers opportunities for leadership development
  • Requires key administrative participation, support, and follow-up.