Alum Rock Union School District

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Instructional Services

The Instructional Services Division is responsible for ensuring that all students in grades TK-8 are provided with State-adopted instructional materials in all content areas including English/Language Arts, Math, Social Science, Science, Music, Physical Education, and Health Education, and for ensuring that all instructional programs are fully implemented in all classrooms. The Curriculum and Instruction Department has oversight for state required instructional minutes at all schools and the district comprehensive Professional Development Plan. The Instructional Services Division ensures that all students are provided with rigorous, Standards-based supplementary instructional programs in ELD and appropriate academic interventions. The EL and Supplementary Programs Department is also responsible for implementing action plans for SAIT and Program Improvement schools. The Student Services Department is responsible for student enrollment and attendance, and the coordination of all health services and community outreach programs. All departments collaborate regularly to ensure that the educational needs of all students are addressed.