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New Teacher Support and Induction

Welcome to Alum Rock’s Induction Program

ARUSD’s induction program works in partnership with the Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz New Teacher Project (SC/SVNTP) to facilitate preliminary credential holders in clearing their credential. 


Induction Participation Criteria

  • A person must hold, at minimum, a preliminary credential (multiple subject, single subject, education specialist or designated subjects) to be eligible for an Induction Program

  • The teacher must be in a teaching assignment authorized by the preliminary credential.

 Induction Enrollment Forms

  • First, complete the eligibility form and return to Brittany Rykels, Academic Services Department. You can download the form here - Induction enrollment form. Second, a Mentor Teacher will be assigned to you and will provide you with a Letter of Commitment Form. Please sign this and return it to your Mentor Teacher. 

Induction Expectations

Participating teachers are assigned a mentor to receive classroom support and to guide them through the process of clearing their credential.  Mentors meet with their Induction teachers on a weekly basis to work on their portfolios that are based on the SC/SVNTP tools and to discuss classroom management, curriculum, data, and questions or concerns.  In addition mentors will regularly observe classroom teaching. This is not an evaluative process but a coaching practice designed to strengthen teaching practices.

Twice a year you are expected to turn in a portfolio of your teaching practice that is based on the FAS tools to the SVNTP. These portfolios are reviewed and scored. Your portfolios must pass in order to meet the Induction requirements.


CSTP Continuum:  California Standards for the Teaching Profession Continuum of Teaching Practice

Induction Contacts:

Brittany Rykels, Coordinator, Academic Services, (408) 928-6565 or at


Alum Rock Union Elementary Teaching Intern Program Overview

What is the Alum Rock Union Elementary Teaching Intern Program?

The Alum Rock Intern Program provides support to teachers who have completed their subject matter competency through exam, are enrolled in teaching credential coursework and have applied for an Intern Credential through a participating university. Teachers in this program develop an understanding of the California Standards for the Teaching Profession and receive additional support from a veteran teacher advisor. This program is funded by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

Who is eligible for the Intern Program?

K-12 general and special education teachers who are contracted to teach with Alum Rock Union School District are eligible for the program and teach on an Intern Credential, which is valid for one year and renewable for a second year. Applicants to the Intern Program must meet the following requirements:

  • Employment contract with Alum Rock
  • Hold a bachelor’s or higher degree
  • Completed U.S. Constitution coursework or exam
  • Passed CBEST
  • Completed subject matter competency through exam or subject matter waiver through a university
  • Concurrent enrollment in a participating university credential program

What does the university require for an Intern Credential?

  • Fingerprint clearance or photocopy of prior California teaching permit
  • Verification of TB test (free of tuberculosis); must be within past 2 years
  • Proof of employment with a participating district
  • Official transcripts from Bachelors and other university coursework
  • Proof of passing U.S. Constitution coursework or exam
  • Proof of passing the CBEST
  • Verification of subject matter competency by program or examination
  • Proof of acceptance into the university and credential program

Alum Rock Teacher Intern Program Requirements:

  • Complete consent form
  • Observe other teachers for 1 day in your subject area or grade level
  • Provide proof of completion of university credential course work
  • Participate in site and district professional development offerings
  • Maintain a portfolio of teaching evidence according to university guidelines.
  • Complete a Professional Growth Plan
  • Maintain weekly contact with advisor
  • Read the credential upon issuance
  • Complete District and State Intern Surveys
  • Meet all program deadlines and timelines