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Early Learning


Early Learning in Alum Rock School District


Learning begins at birth. Every child is capable of achieving their full potential in school and in life. Our strategic plan in the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District Quality for All: Prenatal -3rd grade Healthy & Early Learning System Plan is working to build an inclusive integrated education system. Aligned with early learning and TK-8thgrade, a system that ensures all children have access to high quality early education experiences.   Alum Rocks’ early learning initiative outlines a vision and a pathway.  A plan to ensure that by 3rd grade students are healthy, thriving, learning, happy and on the right road to reach their optimal potential in school and life.  Early education quality experiences play an important role in preparing children for school success and lead to higher levels of educational attainment, career advancement, and future earnings.  Our district is responding to decades of research. Research which indicates children who start school with a high quality early learning preschool experience begin with stronger foundational school readiness skills. Collectively with our community partners and visionary leadership, Alum Rocks’ commitment is to transform and change outcomes for our school district children, families, and community in the earliest stages.