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Special Education Services

Welcome to Special Education!

The District's Special Education programs and services are designed to provide individualized instruction to meet the unique needs of eligible children. The Federal Law, called the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA), states that all eligible children, ages 3 to 22, with disabilities are entitled to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). If you are concerned about your child, please contact your student's teacher, or principal, to learn more about what you can do, and what school resources are available. 

Special Education Department 

Phone: (408) 928-6950

Fax: (408) 928-6409

Anthony Colonna - Director, Special Education

(408) 928-6960 

LeAnne Depew - Administrative Assistant 

(408) 928-6959 

Allison Anderson - Program Specialist

(408) 928-6962 

Geinah Nierra - Program Specialist

(408) 928-8392

Nicole Wesson - Behavior Specialist

(408) 928-6964

Alyssia Cetinich - Behavior Specialist 

(408) 928-6966

Maimona Berta - Behavior Specialist 

(408) 928-8414

Joyce Aguilar - Office Assistant III

(408) 928-6958 

Phillip Perez - Office Assistant III

(408) 928-6954 

Judy Qin - Special Education Nurse

(408) 928-8476 


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Special Education School Board Presentation: November 18, 2021

First page of the PDF file: SpecialEducationBoardOverview

If you have a question regarding your student's behavior or need some suggestions, please contact our district behavior specialists at


Special Education Questions:

(408) 928-6950

Transportation Questions:

(408) 928-6975

First page of the PDF file: ChildFind3-foldBrochure-English1
First page of the PDF file: ChildFind3-foldBrochure-Spanish1
First page of the PDF file: ChildFind3-foldBrochure-Vietnamese1