Alum Rock Union School District

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Students may receive any combination of services based on their Individual Education Program (IEP) which could include: 

  • Speech and Language Services -  Available at all schools, speech and language specialists provide support for articulation, voice, fluency, and language disorders.
  • Resource Specialist Services - Available at all schools, Resource Specialists provide educational planning and special instruction using either a 'pull-out' or a 'push-in' model, as determined by the student's needs and the IEP team decision. 
  • Special Day Class Placement - Available at select schools, students are grouped with others who share similar instruction needs. Each class has a credentialed special education teacher and an instructional aide. 

Related and supplementary services such as Adaptive Physical Education (APE), counseling, and Occupational Therapy (OT) are available based on the student's needs as identified through the assessment and IEP process.