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District Advisory Committee (DAC)

The purpose of this committee is to provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on educating the District’s children and is one way the District fulfills the requirements of consultation with parents under current laws, regulations, and Board policies. DAC represents the students, their families, and the staff of Alum Rock Union School District (ARUSD). The DAC does not make or change policy, but provides input and promotes the goals of the ARUSD, and complies with all local, state and federal laws and board policies. DAC makes decisions within the district’s policies. DAC members are parents working as liaisons between DAC and their School Site 
Council (SSC) *.

DAC members are provided training and resources to assist them in implementing their duties.

*SSC - A school site committee comprised of parents, staff, and community members.

DAC Bylaws Eng. & Sp. 

DAC Membership Form

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For questions regarding DAC, please contact:

Sandra Garcia, Director of State and Federal Programs


DAC Meetings