• New Zealand
    Name: Antonio Cabrera
    Subjects: Math/Science
    Room Number: P-3
    Picture taken in
    Queenstown, New Zealand
    About the teacher
    Welcome to Mr. Cabrera's website!
             I have been teaching for eleven years; nine of them in the Alum Rock District. My experience has been from 4th to 8th grade. This year, I am teaching 6th grade Math/Science. Since year one, I have been working with students from below grade level to grade level and/or English Language Learners. It is always a challenge because whatever works for one class, might not necessarily work for the next one. So it is a constant trial and error until something works. The most successful years have been when I succeed motivating students to try their best and when I get support from parents and administrators. When I am not teaching, I am traveling –I love to travel. I have been around the world three times. My favorite places are Bali, Budapest, and Mexico. I was born and raised in Guadalajara. I attended San Jose State University.