Academic Services
    Welcome to the Academic Sevices page!
    The Academic Services Department staff supports the school sites in providing students in the Alum Rock Union School District daily instruction using the California Common Core State Standards. The collaboration among district office staff, site administrators, and teachers has ensured the full implementation of all K – 8 instructional programs. Curriculum Guides have been developed and ongoing assessments are utilized to monitor student progress.
    The Academic Services Department staff oversees the following areas:

    Curriculum and Instructional Programs

    Professional Development

    Educational Technology

    English Learners


    Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) Program

    Intern Support

    Who we are:
    • Rene Sanchez, Assistant Superintendent Educational Services, 408-928-6590
    • Barbara Campbell, Director-Academic Services, 408-928-6524
    • Jason Sorich, Administrator, Educational Technology, 408-928-6528
    • Brittany Rykels, Coordinator Academic Services, 408-928-6565
    • Ivan Montes, EL Coordinator - Academic Services, 408-928-6599
    • Tracy Loftin, Executive Assistant, 408-928-6529
    • Angela Costa, Administrative Assistant, 408-928-6525
    • Serena Dang, Administrative Assistant, 408-928-6578
    • Patricia Oliva, Assessment Technician, 408-928-6523
    • Adriana Bellini, Instructional Coach, 408-928-7689
    • Alexia Lopez-Ford, Instructional Coach, 408-928-8993
    • Judith Schierling, Instructional Coach, 408-928-8994
    • Brittany Rykels, Instructional Coach, 408-928-8993
    • Helena Manley, Instructional Coach, 408-928-8991
    • Primavera Hernandez, Instructional Coach
    • Hushi Natividad, Instructional Coach