Fiscal Services
    In recent years California changed the way school districts are funded from what was called Revenue Limit to Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). One of the goals of the LCFF is to simplify how state funding is provided to local educational agencies (LEAs). Under the old funding system, each school district was funded based on a unique revenue limit, multiplied by its average daily attendance (ADA). In addition, districts received restricted funding for over 50 categorical programs which were designed to provide targeted services based on the demographics and needs of the students in each district.
    Under the LCFF funding system, revenue limits and most state categorical programs have been eliminated. The LCFF creates funding targets based on student characteristics and provides greater flexibility to use these funds to improve student outcomes. For school districts and charter schools, the LCFF funding targets consist of grade span-specific base grants plus supplemental and concentration grants that are calculated based on student demographic factors.   The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) shifts the state away from a system of rule compliance to a system of local accountability.  Local decision-making must be transparent and be based on significant levels of engagement.
    The Fiscal Services Department performs functions that support the district’s daily instructional and non-instructional activities that align with our district’s vision, goals and priorities.  Our Mission is to provide the most accurate financial information and the best customer service to the community, district administrators and all stakeholders so that sound financial decisions are made.  Fiscal Services has the responsibility to estimate the annual revenue from various sources, and allocate funds to the various programs, schools, and departments. 
    Some of the functions performed by our department are:
    • Preparing and monitoring the district’s budget
    • Regular monitoring of revenue and expenditures to assure federal, state and local regulations are met
    • Payment of invoices and claims for the operation costs of the district
    • Collecting revenue due to the district
    • Preparation of federal, state and local financial reports
    • Providing financial information to the Board of Trustees, district administration, and other interested parties
    • Accounting for all financial transactions of the district according to generally accepted accounting principles
    • Provide assistance and training to school sites and department personnel in the areas of accounting and finance
    • Attention to the long-range fiscal implications of today’s decisions
     Contact Information:
    Fiscal Services Main Line:  (408) 928-6850
                               Main Fax:   (408) 928-6400





    Fiscal Director

    Efrain Robles

    (408) 928-6839


    Fiscal Administrator


    (408) 928-6839


    Accounts Payable

    Cecilia Aranda

    (408) 928-6854


    Accounts Payable

    Brenda Rosas-Garcia

    (408) 928-6852


    Sr. Accountant

    Maria Bonilla

    (408) 928-6864


    General Fund

    Regina Cardenas

    (408) 928-6851


    Restricted Funds

    Cynthia Sanchez

    (408) 928-6855



    Maria Newton

    (408) 928-6860


    Student Body

    Jazzy Nguyen

    (408) 928-6853


    Child Nutrition

    Aurora Amutan

    (408) 928-6906


    Leases, Maintenance Operatons and Transportation, Invoicing

    Jazzy Nguyen

    (408) 928-6853