Alum Rock Union School District

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Summer Learning

Alum Rock Union Elementary School District offers a robust program for students to continue their learning during the summer. Summer programs typically run for 4 to 6 weeks during June and July and support students’ varying needs. All programs are available to Alum Rock students at no cost and are hosted at district schools. ARUSD is able to provide programming with the support of our teachers, support staff and community partners.

Extended year summer programming in Alum Rock takes place during the summer, but we have redefined the “summer school” paradigm to allow for:

  • Academic rigor that will ensure all students are prepared to thrive in a diverse and competitive world
  • English learner scaffolds that will challenge students to reach and exceed academic proficiency
  • Social-emotional components that provide the tools and resources for students to be successful 
  • Innovative, 21st century-focused themes and environments that engage students and families 
  • Enrichment Programs to challenge students and provide an opportunity to explore areas of interest.

Please visit our ARUSD Summer Programs for more information.