Steam & Innovation

Curriculum and teaching methods emphasize 21st century learning, with opportunities for Science Technology Engineering Art & Math (STEAM), in every school.  In partnership with The Tech Museum, our Annual Alum Rock STEAM Faire celebrates the work of our young brilliant minds, and hands on explorations engage the entire family!

STEAM Academies emphasize design thinking through mechanical and software engineering.  Across the district, Teacher Fellows lead STEAM integration for all students in every grade.

Verizon Innovative Schools (VILS) emphasize advanced, integrated technology, utilizing the latest educational applications for teaching and learning.  Labs provide the most cutting edge tools for engagement in advanced STEAM opportunities including, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, 3D printing, Coding, Computer Automated Design (CAD), and Prototype development.


  • Ocala STEAM Academy VILS
  • Ryan STEAM Academy
  • Sheppard Middle VILS
  • Renaissance at Fischer VILS
  • Renaissance at Mathson VILS
  • Hubbard Media Arts Academy VILS
  • Adelante VILS Hotspot/1:1 devices
  • Joseph George VILS Hotspot/1:1 devices
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