Mariachi Program

About Us

The Mariachi Tradicional is a bilingual, ethno music arts program that was formed in 2002, focusing on the folkloric music of the southwest region of Mexico. Our instructors help students develop an understanding of the basic concepts of music through Solfeggio and Music Theory and the fundamentals of the following instruments: Guitarron, Guitar, Vihuela, Violin, and Trumpet. These instruments are taught to the students so that they may learn through sight-reading, playing by ear, harmonization, solo and ensemble Mariachi repertoire. Our instructors have also implemented a thorough Vocal Program where students receive practical training in vocalization, sight singing and have all registers of their voices cultivated for the Mariachi style. Students will also receive practical training in singing with an emphasis on basic skills of breathing, tone and dictation. 

The Mariachi Tradicional has performed throughout the Bay Area representing the Alum Rock School District and its community at numerous educational and festive celebrations, conferences and meetings. In 2004 the Mariachi Tradicional performance group earned the Alum Rock School District the Glenn W. Hoffman award becoming the only cultural arts program at that time to have ever received that recognition. They have also received various recognitions by the Consulado General de Mexico, and the City of San Jose. Additionally, they have been featured on the CBS Latin Eyes morning show, Univision’s Encuentro en la Bahia morning show, the San Jose Mercury news, Telemundo, Univision and various radio programs. These amazing opportunities have opened doors for students to continue their passion and their pursuit of higher education. 

Classes are available to ARUSD students in grades 3-8 at no cost.